Reading and Adult Literacy

Reading and Adult Literacy

Whether you are interested in a full Davis programme or just some help with your study skills, your programme will be tailored to meet your goals. These are carefully identified prior to starting a programme and may include one or more of:

  • reading skills
  • improved handwriting
  • time management
  • balance and co-ordination
  • writing skills
  • overcoming auditory processing difficulties

You will be shown how to find the relaxed and focused state which is suitable for reading and literacy skills. Once this has been learned, you are ready to build the skills that will allow you to overcome your difficulties. You will be shown how to recognize and control the thought process that leads to distorted and confused perceptions of letters, words and numerals.

You may have noticed that you have a strong preference to think using visual imagery. This can make it difficult to read fluently or to express your thoughts on paper. The Davis methods support this thinking style by working largely with pictures too.

If you choose a Davis programme, we will use plasticine clay to work with the alphabet, numerals, and punctuation marks to make sure that you have an accurate perception and understanding of these symbols.

The clay is then used to model the short abstract words, called trigger words, frequently encountered in reading, such as and, the, each, or it. These words cause problems if you cannot form a mental picture of them. Compare the ease at which you can form a mental picture of the word elephant to one of the word how.

Using Davis® Symbol Mastery, you will make a three-dimensional clay model of the meaning of these words and link it with a model of the letters of the words. This binds the visual meaning to the written word, and increases reading fluency and comprehension.

If your programme goals include writing skills, the methods are used to develop an understanding of the key elements necessary to structure and communicate the written word.

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