Improve Your Memory

After long but fascinating period of study, I have completed the Centre of Excellence Improve Your Memory Diploma. This started by looking at the main memory principles which fall into four categories:

  • Make an effort to remember, understand and improve
  • Control the type and amount of information that you need
  • Spend time strengthening the neural connections
  • Allow some time for information to be absorbed and solidify

These principles use association, location and imagination to store new knowledge to store long-lasting memory and enable efficient recall. It is no wonder that Davis Symbol Mastery is so effective. This encourages the client to make a 3D model of the meaning of a word, and link it to the written form. The creative modelling encourages the client to spend time focussed on the word, link it to something within their personal experience and review it while mastering it. As more and more words are mastered, a network of knowledge is formed as well as a powerful understanding of how to use visualisation to create long term memories.