Adult literacy support

Difficulties with study skills, time-management and organisation can affect many people, not only those with dyslexia. Goals for a programme will be carefully identified during an assessment / consultation and may include one or more of:

  • improved reading fluency and comprehension
  • improved handwriting
  • time management
  • balance co-ordination
  • developing writing skills
  • understanding memory
  • overcoming auditory processing difficulties

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Davis Programme

If you have chosen to follow a Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme, we will work together through a series of exercises. These exercises will help you recognize and control the thought processes that can lead to distorted letters, words or numerals.
The programme is done on an intensive basis over thirty hours. Whilst the programme can be done over five days, it is often scheduled over a longer period to meet your personal or work commitments. At the end of your programme, a follow-up plan is devised to ensure the benefits continue to develop over the following months. The final part of the Davis programme is a review session, or sessions, scheduled a couple of months after the base programme.

If your programme goals include writing skills, the programme will also explore the necessary key elements.

Personalised training

You may prefer to follow a personalised support programme to meet specific literacy goals to develop writing, reading or study skills.

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