Attention difficulties

Attention Mastery

Attention Deficit Disorder is described as a condition causing a persistent pattern of difficulties resulting in one or more of the following behaviours of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

The Davis® Attention Mastery Programme is a drug-free approach to overcome these problems. Each programme is tailored to meet the student’s own goals. These may include improved focussing, time management or behavioural problems.

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The level of the student’s motivation to achieve their goals is critical to the success of the Davis Attention Mastery programme. Your child will first be shown how to find the relaxed and focused state which is suitable for reading and other studies. Once this has been learned, they will be ready to build the skills that will allow them to overcome their difficulties. They are taught how to recognize and control the thought process that leads to distorted or confused perceptions. An understanding of how to achieve this focussed state makes it easier for the student to keep their attention on the task in hand.

A high-energy student is also shown how to be aware of their internal clock and energy level. The technique of Dial-Setting provides the student with an imagined regulator so that they gain personal control over the setting of their internal clock. This tool is particularly useful for hyperactive children. Distorted perceptions do more than just create symptoms of dyslexia. The dyslexic or ADD child may be disoriented for hours on end creating the imaginary world he plays in.

This frequent disorientation makes it difficult to learn basic lessons of life. Cause and effect do not exist in the disorienting child’s alternate reality world. Which means that the child may not have a clear understanding of the important concept of consequence. Additionally, the child will experience a distorted sense of time. If they don’t experience the passage of time uniformly, they can not develop an inherent sense of it. Without this inherent sense of time, it is difficult to develop an inherent sense of sequence. That is, to understand the way things follow each other one after another. Davis® Symbol Mastery uses clay to enable the student to explore and understand the fundamental concepts of consequence, time, sequence and order. Once these concepts have been mastered, the student has a clearer understanding of appropriate behaviour. Further information is available at