Attention Mastery Programme

Although concentration difficulties and attention disorders are more apparent in children, they can continue to cause difficulties into adulthood.

The most common symptoms are poor time management and difficulty completing tasks. Help with these is provided by using the Davis® methods as outlined in The Gift of Learning.

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Ron Davis: author of The Gift of Learning

The Davis Attention Mastery programme is tailored to meet goals which may include improved focussing, time management or impulsivity problems. It is particularly important to be able to manage your internal energy levels and you will be shown how to find the relaxed and focused state which is suitable for reading and other studies. Once this has been learned, you are ready to build the skills that will allow you to overcome your difficulties.

You will also be shown how to recognize and control the thought process that leads to distorted perceptions of letters, words and numerals

Distorted perceptions do more than create symptoms of dyslexia. As a child you may have used disorientation for entertainment or to create an imaginary world to play in. This frequent disorientation makes it difficult to learn basic lessons of life. Cause and effect would not have existed in this imaginary, alternate reality world. Therefore, as a child, you may not have developed a clear understanding of the concept of consequence.

Additionally, you may experience a distorted sense of time. If you don’t experience the passage of time uniformly, you can not develop an inherent sense of it. Without this inherent sense of time, it is difficult to develop an inherent sense of sequence which can result in difficulties with organisation.