Student Support

Individual support programmes are available for students in Higher Education. Difficulties with study skills, time-management and organisation can affect many students, not only those with dyslexia.

There are also three Davis programmes available to help students and young adults with learning difficulties, attention difficulties or dyscalculia.

Each programme is individually tailored to meet a student’s specific needs. The base programme is given on an intensive, one-to-one basis over thirty hours in order to get to the core of the student’s specific problem and correct the symptoms. Whilst the programme can be done over five days, it can also be scheduled over a longer period.

There is no learning by rote or repetition; we use an easy way of learning that suits visual-learners. At the end of this programme, the student should have a full understanding of all the Davis® methods, and be able to continue to use these methods on their own. A follow-up plan is devised to ensure these benefits continue to develop over the following months. The final part of the programme is a review session, or sessions, usually scheduled a couple of months after the base programme.