Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If?

Join this on-line course for parents of struggling learners. The course is based on the book Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If? and offers practical advice through six interactive 2-hour sessions.

Please get in touch if you are are interested in this course – dates can be arranged for a minimum of 4 participants.

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“Many parents worry that, although they feel they understand their child, they don’t feel they understand his dyslexia. Just as the hardworking dyslexic child is left with feelings of inadequacy after every class test, so his caring, dedicated parents are left feeling ineffectual when they sit down to help him with his homework.”
Richard Whitehead,  author of Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If?

Here are some comments from my earlier WhyTy courses:

The course offers a great insight into how dyslexic people process words and how to help children to access words better.

Do this course!! It has helped me and calmed me when helping my 7 year old son.
Great course for parents who really are feeling at a loss as to how to approach helping their dyslexic child. Helps understanding of the challenges facing the child and provides an insight into solutions to help them access the written word. Informative. Interesting and Helpful.
Sara was so charismatic and wonderful.

Session 1: How can a gift cause a problem?

Dyslexic giftedness
Multi-dimensional thinking

Session 2: Preparing yourself to learn

Managing your mind: “Pay attention!” “But how?”
Optimising the home learning environment

Session 3: How do dyslexics think and learn?

Word thinking and picture thinking
The concept of ‘disorientation’
The problem with if

Session 4: Making it ‘stick’

Visualisation for reading comprehension
Punctuation as a reading skill
Retention of what has been read

Session 5: Creativity makes permanent learning

The role of creativity in learning
Clay modelling for mastery of words and ideas
Other creative learning methods

Session 6: Pulling it all together

Creating a complete support strategy for your bright but struggling child Q&A session

Why Tyrannosaurus but not if?

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