Is there a link between perceptual talent and dyslexia?

I am delighted that my research article has been peer-reviewed and published in the Journal of Inclusive Practice in Further and Higher Education (Vol 7 pp 34-48, 2016)

I undertook research to assess whether the four component parts of Davis’ perceptual talent were more evident in a small group of people who had been diagnosed with dyslexia than in a comparative group that was screened as not having dyslexia. This was done through personal interviews which included Davis’ Perceptual Ability Assessment, quantitative analysis and a discussion of thinking styles. It was concluded that, whilst no difference was found in ability to visualise an image in 3D, the participants with dyslexia did have a greater ability to experience mental images as real-world phenomena, to intentionally access the brain’s perception distortion function, and a preference to think non-verbally. This supports Davis’ assertion that there is a link between perceptual talent and dyslexia.

The full article is in the open access journal JIPFHE.