Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If?

I thoroughly enjoyed presenting my first online Why Ty for Parents course. I hope to run another one in the Autumn so please contact me if you are interested.

The course runs over six sessions and gives a good understanding of the Davis methods and how you can support your child.
It starts by exploring the idea of a threshold for confusion, how this leads to disorientation and how we can alleviate this by using the Davis tool of ‘Release’. It goes on the explore how ‘perceptual talent’ can cause a problem for picture-thinkers as disorientation, conflict of sensory information, can cause a learning difficulty.

Learning must be active and incorporate pictures, words, and creative personality. The course participants experience this active and creative learning through the medium of plasticine. Some words lack strong mental image, and this can have implications for reading if you rely on mental imagery to remember or understand things.
The course introduces how you can use Symbol Mastery to fill those gaps, and a Davis reading technique that uses mental imagery. We looked at how these techniques can be used with fiction, and then moved onto using them for factual texts and school work. This technique aids discovery of unknown areas and provides a strong long-term memory of mastered texts.
The course also had Q&A sessions with specialists and Richard Whitehead, author of the book Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If?

The course was well received, one parent wrote:

Great for parents who really are feeling at a loss as to how to approach helping a dyslexic child. Helps understanding of the challenges facing the child and provides an insight into solutions to help them access the written word.