Creating order

The Davis Attention Mastery Programme introduces strategies to control attention focus and overcome behavioural, or organizational difficulties. The programme includes the exploration of concepts, such as consequence, sequence and order, which enables individuals to develop an understanding into their self-created barriers. Working with a client on these concepts always results in me having a good…

Fish Don’t Climb Trees

Terrific set of podcasts by Fish Don’t Climb Trees which shed light on the ‘gift’ of dyslexia, not the ‘dys’ in dyslexia. Perhaps I’m biased as I’m featured in the 4th one which discusses the connection between perceptual talent (the gift part) and dyslexia – but have a listen to them all and see what you think. The…

PictureGrammar now available for Android as well as Apple phones

Great news that PictureGrammar is now available for Android phones. This clever dictionary gives a visual meaning to nine parts of speech and includes more than 150 illustrated definitions of the most common adverbs, determiners, pronouns, prepositions, and conjunctions. It’s less than £2.50 so great value to support Symbol Mastery.

Web-delivered programmes

In response to the COVID-19 restrictions worldwide, in the very near future I will be able to offer web-delivered Davis Programmes for reading, maths, attention, and young learners. This will be a pilot programme that will last until June 30. Please contact me for more information.  

The Raviv method

As part of my interest in the link between movement, memory and cognitive health, I have been studying the Raviv method over the past few months. It centres on the use of the ‘8-path’, an infinity walk, to optimise the brain’s readiness for learning. I am now a qualified Raviv practitioner and have some interesting…