Adult Dyslexia Diagnosis and Support

18 September Phew! Just handed in my portfolio for Unit 2 of my ADDS course. It feels great to be finished – I wont know the results until next month but I think I’ll celebrate the ‘completion’ anyway!

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Pushing the Envelope

30 July Have you seen the latest envelopes designed by celebrities in support of the National Literacy Trust? In 2009 their aims are to · Inspire 30,000 children in disadvantaged areas across the UK to read · Provide more than 90,000 free books for children to choose and keep at inspirational reading events · …

Dyslexia – talents and difficulties

5 November 2008 The most important message for Dyslexia Awareness Week must be that dyslexia is a combination of talents and difficulties, all stemmimg from the tendency to utilise visual, multi-dimensional thought. The characteristics are far wider than many people realise and cover far more than just difficulties with reading. The Davis Dyslexia Association International…

Reclassify dyslexia as a thinking style not a disability

September 23 2008 The Prime Minister was recently petitioned by The Learning People to reclassify dyslexia as a thinking style, not a disability. Their petition drew attention to the complex nature of dyslexia and its composition as a mixture of talents and difficulties. They wrote “There is also mounting evidence that dyslexics can…