Back to school!

Everyone is relieved to be back to a relatively normal school term. However the schools are still following national guidelines to remain Covid-19 secure and children will be aware that preventative measure remain in place. Inevitably there will be a degree of anxiety about returning to the classroom and, if your child has done a…

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Developing Writing Skills in Adults with Dyslexia

I have just qualified in Developing Writing Skills in Adults with Dyslexia (Level 5) with Dyslexia Action. It was particularly interesting to explore how people typically acquire and develop writing skills, and why this is more difficult for a dyslexic adult. It was also useful to pick up some new ideas for support strategies, and…

Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If? reviewed by Yvonne Graham

Richard Whitehead’s book Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If? is a great read for anyone who would like further insight into the Davis methods and how they can be applied. Yvonne Graham,author of The Dyslexia Toolkit, has written a very positive review which gives a clear overview of what the book contains. If you haven’t already…

Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If: the book

You may have subscribed to Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If, a free 15 part course primarily aimed at teachers frustrated by the children that seem to have mysterious barriers to effective learning, written by Richard Whitehead, Director of Davis Learning Foundation. This course answers questions and gives guidance about how to address the situation. Richard Whitehead…

Master of Arts (Adult Dyslexia Diagnosis and Support)

I am thrilled to have been awarded my Master of Arts degree with distinction from London South Bank University My dissertation examined the link between perceptual talent and dyslexia. It proved to be a fascinating research area as I delved into the different thinking styles between people with dyslexia and people who are not dyslexic.…

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Claymation interviews

I love this short animated, claymation film which features interviews with some very famous (and entertaining) characters! It was produced by art students in Sydney with the support of Marianne Mullally, a Davis facilitator.

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UK Davis Dyslexia Programme bursary fund

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Klaire de Lys’s bursary campaign. Once the campaign reached £5000, she fulfilled her pledge and shaved her head. There is an incredibly moving 2-minute video on her blog.