‘Rare to see this progress’

In the early summer I was contacted by a mother who had been told by the school that that her daughter, Jessie aged 7,was two years behind in her reading and playing up. So we embarked on the Davis Reading Programme for Young Learners, a learning enhancement programme which builds confidence with the alphabet and develops accurate reading skills.

During the holidays, I worked directly with Jessie, and provided guidance to her mother who also worked with her at home. Her mother worked with her regularly throughout the summer while taking care to keep the sessions fun. Her dedication and commitment is reflected in the change in Jessie’s reading and writing, and highlights the importance of good parental support for these programmes.

Jessie returned to school with enthusiasm. I was thrilled to hear that her teacher, who also taught her last year, is planning to move her up a set in her reading and support groups, and commented that it is very rare to see this progress. Congratulations to Team Jessie!

Jessie created a model of a log to represent ‘a’ and then practiced writing her words.