Overcoming Dyslexia

If you would prefer to find out more about the Davis Methods by watching short videos rather than reading, subscribe to Carl Nigi’s YouTube channel ‘Overcoming Dyslexia’. He adds a new post every couple of weeks.

Web-delivered programmes

In response to the COVID-19 restrictions worldwide, in the very near future I will be able to offer web-delivered Davis Programmes for reading, maths, attention, and young learners. This will be a pilot programme that will last until June 30. Please contact me for more information.  

Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If? reviewed by Yvonne Graham

Richard Whitehead’s book Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If? is a great read for anyone who would like further insight into the Davis methods and how they can be applied. Yvonne Graham,author of The Dyslexia Toolkit, has written a very positive review which gives a clear overview of what the book contains. If you haven’t already…

Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If: the book

You may have subscribed to Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If, a free 15 part course primarily aimed at teachers frustrated by the children that seem to have mysterious barriers to effective learning, written by Richard Whitehead, Director of Davis Learning Foundation. This course answers questions and gives guidance about how to address the situation. Richard Whitehead…

LiteracyApps guide for children under 5

The National Literacy Trust has launched an online app guide which recommends the best apps to support the early language and communication skills of children under five. As 100 apps are recommended, guidance on choosing a suitable one for your child is also available on their website. Visit www.literacyapps.org

The Tyrannosaurus Is Back!

This new one-day workshop, based on the Davis methods and linked to the popular online course, “Why ‘Tyrannosaurus’ But Not ‘If’?”, will take place again in Malvern, Worcestershire on 6th July 2016. The workshop is recommended for SENCOs, Learning Support teachers, classroom teachers (primary and secondary), private tutors and parents. Cost of attendance is currently…

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The Raviv method

As part of my interest in the link between movement, memory and cognitive health, I have been studying the Raviv method over the past few months. It centres on the use of the ‘8-path’, an infinity walk, to optimise the brain’s readiness for learning. I am now a qualified Raviv practitioner and have some interesting…

How To Get Better Sleep

There are a lot interesting articles on Renee van der Vloot’s website but I particularly like the one about How to Get Better Sleep: A Creative Person’s Guide.